Rock Bolt PullTest

The Rock Bolt PullTest was designed by YieldPoint to accurately measure the performance of rock bolts.

The Rock Bolt PullTest system is specifically engineered and designed to test the integrity of rock bolts in underground excavations and return immediate digitised data.

Geosystems supply both the electronics and the hydraulics for the system. These monitor the displacement and load during the pull test. The data is then recorded by a DAQ which can be transmitted to a Windows laptop or tablet installed with the supplied PullTest software.


Rock Bolt PullTest –  Pull Test Instrument

The Rock Bolt PullTest is a versatile system suitable for mining, tunnelling, and any other underground geotechnical setting.

  • Digital acquisition of load and displacement during Quality assurance pull tests.
  • Windows-based device displays pull test data in real-time.
  • All readings stored in local database.
  • Magnetostrictive displacement sensor with 148mm standard (or 200mm displacement)
  • 10,000psi (69MPa) in-line pressure cell
  • 100,000lbf (444kN) or 50,000lbf(222kN) donut load cell (optional)
  • Data Acquisition with 1/reading/sec with capability for auto-zero.
  • Enerpac Hydraulic system with RCH or RACH hollow cylinder.
  • Optimized for Windows 10 running on either a laptop or tablet. Free and downloadable onto any number of computers.
Displacement Sensor:
  • 0-148mm magnetostrictive
  • displacement sensor (x2 standard). 200mm optional.
In-Line Pressure Sensor:
  • 0-10,000psi 0.5-4.5V output.
Donut Load Cells:
  • 0-220kN or 0-440kN Full
  • Bridge output.
Data acquisition unit:
  • 3 channel 12 bit for Disp1, Disp2, and Pres
  • 1 Channel Full bridge input (0-100mV) Load
  • Operates off 9V battery.

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