Inclinometers and tiltmeters

An inclinometer also called a tiltmeter or clinometer is a sensor used in the geo-tech sector to measure displacements in the ground or structures. Inclinometers provide vital information on the movements of slopes and embankments making them ideal for monitoring dam reconstructions.

Geosystems manufacture and supply several inclinometers. Unsure which is best suited to your application? Then we encourage you to contact our Australian based geotechnical experts, they will be able to talk you through your various options.

  • MD900 Biaxial clinometer
  • Geostring MEM inclinometer
  • d-Tilt-SG MEMS tiltmeter
  • PROFIL Digital inclinometer probe
  • d-Tilt digital Electrolytic Tiltmeter


Inclinometers and Tiltmeters

Geosystems can supply an inclinometer for every application. We have listed our most popular clinometers below, however, we can supply other models upon request. Contact us through our form or by phone for pricing and further information.

Biaxial clinometer

Biaxial clinometers are widely used in industrial, scientific, and GPS operations. thousands have been used for positioning of surface and subsea marine applications, structural monitoring, and industrial testing and measurement. They are a tried and tested technology.

The Geosystems dual-axis tiltmeter is designed for semi-permanent installation in either a borehole or surface application. Cased in a rugged, waterproof, and compact housing our tiltmeter can be connected easily to a Geosystems’s digital logging and data telemetry system. A Real-time Plug ‘n Play network of sensors can be built in minutes. Long term, low power recording is possible with our digital loggers. These features make our solutions significantly more cost-effective and powerful than competing products.


Geostring MEMS inclinometer

Using Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) tilt sensors and a thermistor, Geostring inclinometers provide accurate data for early warning systems prior to slope failure, ground movements from tunneling, and deformation of retaining walls.


  • Calibrated Range ±30 degrees from vertical over a temperature range of -10°C to +40°C.
  • Stainless steel, 32 mm diameter, waterproof to 2 MPa housing.
  • Jumper Cable for connecting the system to the datalogger.
    Connectors are rated to 70 MPa (10,000 psi)
  • Compatible with CR6, CR300, CR800, CR1000 & CR1000X Data Loggers. MD485 RS-485 Interface required for CR300, CR800 & CR1000 Data Loggers


d-Tilt-SG and D-TILT-EL MEMS tiltmeters

The d-Tilt-SG is a fully waterproof in-place tilt sensor.  Based on analogue devices MEMS accelerometer technology the d-Tilt-SG is designed for moderate to high-resolution applications involving borehole or surface deployment. Each D-Tilt-SG is individually calibrated, and temperature compensated using a digital temperature sensor that is incorporated.

Based on an electrolytic tilt sensor the d-Tilt-EL is a dual-axis inclinometer designed for semi-permanent installation in either a borehole or surface application. The d-Tilt-EL has a range measuring +/-2 degrees and an onboard digital temperature sensor. Each instrument is individually calibrated with coefficients stored in the micro-controller memory.



PROFIL Digital inclinometer probe

The PROFIL is perfect to monitor subsurface deformation of the ground within landslides, embankments and dams. They are ideal for deep excavations and tunnels too.

The PROFIL system comprises of a digital probe, lightweight control cable, Bluetooth reel, cable gate, Profil Reader app, and Profil Manager software.