digi-Cable – Instrumented Cable Bolt

The digi-Cable is a digital cable that allows geotechnical engineers and technicians to monitor how load develops along a seven-wire strand cable over time.

The development of load can provide critical information to assess the Factor of Safety against cable rupture. This allows the prediction of the risk of catastrophic structural failure.

Geosystems can customise cable bolts to your application. For prices, please enquire using the contact form or by phone. To provide the correct specification we will need to know the following variables:

  • Number of strain gauges
  • End location of gauges
  • Leadwire length
  • Poly leadwire cover


digi-Cable – digital cable for predicting the risk of cable rupture.

Based on a miniature inductive strain-gauge the digi-Cable is small enough to be recessed into a surrogate tubular king wire. Therefore the digi-Cable has the same diameter head as a standard 7-wire strand and is indistinguishable from a regular cable. The digital cable can be deployed in place of a regular cable by simply ‘swapping’ them out using normal procedures, no special procedures or grouting are required.

The digital smart cables can be used to monitor:

  • Slopes
  • Cable reinforcement in tunnels and drifts
  • Cable reinforcement in stopes and other large openings
  • Cables in fill mats
  • Ground anchors
  • Strand reinforced concrete
  • Tie-backs


Using the digi-Cable’s RS485 output operators can determine strain accurately in-situ as opposed to translated to an instrumentation head at the end of the cable.

The RS485 signal can be sent over 500m without the need for amplification. Readings are provided in tons rather than raw voltage data. As such it is possible to immediately interpret cable load without the need to translate voltage data.




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