Crackmeters and Jointmeters

Crackmeters and jointmeters are utilised in various geotechnical engineering sectors from dams to commercial structures. They provide valuable information on the progression of an interface or individual cracks in a structure.

Geosystems supply numerous versions of crackmeters and jointmeters to the Australian geotechnical sector. Ranging from vibrating wire to eddy current. Remote and manual data logging and transfer options are available on most instruments.

We can supply the following jointmeters:

  • d-micro geotechnical crackmeter.
  • Fibre optic displacement sensor FOD.
  • Triaxial surface jointmeters
  • Uniaxial surface jointmeters
  • Tell-Tails Crackmeter

Using the correct equipment for the application is critical. Our geotechnical specialists have decades of experience to help advise you on the best choice, call us to talk about your application.


Geosystems: Geotechnical Crackmeters and Jointmeters

We offer a wide range of crackmeters, we encourage you to contact us to discuss the best option for your application. Our geotechnical instrument experts will respond to enquiries within 4 business hours.

d-Micro Geotechnical Crackmeter

The highly versatile d-Micro crackmeter is ideal for monitoring cracks in underground mines, parking garages, dams under rehabilitation, residential buildings, bridge decks, and pillars or posts.

d-Micro crackmeters output readings in degrees C and microns eliminating the necessity for expensive analog-to-digital conversions. Readings can be made using the USB port of a laptop or tablet computer (SensorViewer).
Long-term, low power, data logging is possible using the low-cost dLoggers.

A Real-time plug-and-play network of d-Micro sensors or any combinations of any other YieldPoint Instruments can be built in minutes using the IoT Gateway or d-Mesh.



Fibre Optic Displacements Sensor (FOD)

The FOD optic linear position and displacement transducer is an absolute position transducer that provides highly precise position and displacement measurements. Ideal to monitor deformation in structures over a longer-term. The sensor is able to monitor deformations over joints and cracks.


Uniaxial and Triaxial Surface Joint Fissuremeter

The RTF is a jointmeter which measures the displacement of cracks in structures of rock masses. The jointmeter is designed to monitor the relative movement of adjacent surfaces across cracks or conjunction joints. The RTF crackmeter (fissuremeter) is available as a uniaxial (RTF-1D) and triaxial (RTF 3D).


Tell-Tails Crackmeter

The Tell-Tails is a basic, easy-to-use crackmeter. The adhesive backings stick either side of a crack. As the crack develops the two scales on the Tell-Tails indicate the cracks’ movement.