Borehole Micrometer

With Geosystems borehole micrometer measuring the diameter of a borehole along its length has never been easier. Our borehole micrometer can measure the diameter of boreholes that range between 25 to 55mm or 30 to 60mm.


Borehole Micrometer

The Geosystems Borehole Micrometer features a robust ‘mime-tested stainless steel body capable of continuous deployment in the harshest of environments. Replacement of the brass slider and the jaws is easy, in the event they become damaged or worn. Designed for geotechnical applications such as tunnels and mining, the rugged micrometer can be inserted to a depth of 3m from the opening. Its highly flexible cable can be inserted to a depth of 3m from the opening.

The pull-to-measure mechanism provides smooth and accurate measurements taking every time. The supplied calibration ring can be used to ensure the micrometer is providing accurate readings every time.

The micrometer is the ideal tool to audit a borehole’s diameter and quality particularly at the toe where it’s critical to get good encapsulation of resin around bolts. The 3m length of cable is sufficient since most ground control applications in mining are less than 3m. Widely regarded as the best borehole measurement tool/caliper by the ground control industry.

To transport and protect the micrometer Geosystems supply a padded carry case with a hard exterior.

Check out the video on our Geosystems YouTube channel of the borehole micrometer in use underground.


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