We have taken the revolutionary, high performance Metasensing FastGBSAR (Fast Ground Based Synthetic Aperture Radar) to the next level by adding portability and power. This state of the art machine, designed to monitor pit wall stability in real time and provide early warnings of potential failure, is now fully mobile and self-contained.

The Geosystems Slope Monitoring Radar is a fully integrated turnkey mobile system that is easily transportable and deployed in minutes. The system can be transported using a light vehicle, making it convenient for rapid installations and regular movement around the pit. It can be used for more permanent deployments over critical production areas, or for background observations of overall pit wall stability. The vehicle mounted system features a sophisticated on-board power arrangement to run the radar autonomously around the clock. Geosystems has developed several trailer designs to suit each type of surface mining method, environment and challenging Australian conditions. Our goal was to apply innovative solutions to mobilise the system without negatively impacting on the radar’s astonishing performance. Geosystems has achieved that goal using our in-house electrical and mechanical engineering expertise, enabling us to provide custom solutions and timely local support. Please feel free to contact us to discuss how our unique solutions may benefit you.